We are not an advertising, design, branding, strategy or innovation agency.
We are not a copywriter and an art director.
We are two creative individuals.
We speak, write, make, think, and do.
We are friends.
We come together to find creative solutions to difficult problems.
We believe the right answer, once found, feels inevitable, with nothing to add or remove.
We work objectively, like a scientist or mathematician, 1+1=2.
We work subjectively, like an artist or comedian, half of 8 is 3.
We work with words, images, ideas and new ways of thinking.
We work directly with the person who commissions us.
We believe the best work is borne of truth.
We value conversation.
We listen.
We collaborate.
We are honest.
We acknowledge the struggle.
We love what we do.
We are not the cheapest option (or the most expensive).
We empty our own bins and we make our own coffee.
We embrace propaganda, convention and imitation.
We believe good work has a value which isn’t financial.
We want to make good work together.
We are Dan & Richard & you.